smart computer use?


Smart computer use? Maybe, maybe not.

Page’s Law: a counter to Moore’s Law

What the hell is Page’s Law? Guys at Google can make their own laws. This one makes sense though:

Put really simply, what this means in the real world is that the performance of a PC and other devices constantly increases. So why do PCs never really seem to get faster?

Well, call it Page’s Law. Page’s Law was actually coined by Sergey Brin, who dropped in at the tail end of a Google press conference, and was asked about the pace of software and Web development.

“Page’s Law is sort of the opposite of Moore’s Law,” Brin said. “Page’s Law says that every 18 months software becomes twice as slow.”


My Blackberry is just as important as my PC

I’ve been thinking about how the usage by my phone relates so much with my usage of a computer. I’ve been finding that my Blackberry is just as important to my daily computer usage as my computer itself.

Here’s the simple reason why:

My Blackberry has been put in the position that is it is notifying me of “things” that I will need to do. In turn, those “things” are then requiring my use of a PC to attend to them.

So, I don’t need to spend a ton of time near a PC when waiting to see what needs to be done next. I’ll be notified through my Blackberry, either by email, text, phone call, calendar item and so on. Then I take action and hop on a computer and take care of business.

I like this system because I don’t have to sit in front of a PC as much to take care of daily business. I kinda like that.

I didn’t even really think of how slick of a system that has become, now that I think of it I’m going to have to start pushing more things through that notification and action system.

US Power Grid: Infiltrated by Foreign Spies

So, I guess the power grid in the US is pretty wide open to cyber attacks. It’s pretty much been known for a while now, but it’s now getting officially acknowledged.

The US government has admitted the nation’s power grid is vulnerable to cyber attack, following reports it has been infiltrated by foreign spies.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) newspaper reported that Chinese and Russian spies were behind this “pervasive” breach.

It said software had been left behind that could shut down the electric grid.

“The vulnerability is something [we] have known about for years,” said US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

How true is this now, a scene from the infamous Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 strategy game:

That makes me crack up – on the inside – I’m barely containing my laughter. I wish I had a computer old enough to play that game, now that I’ve seen the video I wanna play it again.

Google now lets you search local and get a map of results

Found this one on Mashable today:

We’re in luck, because Google just finished their worldwide rollout of local search results on a map. So now all you have to do is search for what you want — coffee, gym, food, flowers, or dentist, for example — and Google will guess your location and display local business results for your search term on a map.

The first thing that came to mind was – wow, Google is now making navigating real life as easy as navigating through a video game world using an interactive map. That’s the gamer in me.

The reality is that this is just plain sweet. This is just another example of Googles continued addition of seemingly small things to their applications that make them a whole lot more usable for us end users.

WordPress: Category Not Updated

Nice little bug here. I’m sure if you are reading this you may be looking for a solution to the problem you are having with updating your WordPress categories.

I’ll let you know what worked for me.

I was trying to update a category named “Computer Hardware” with a slug of “computer-hardware” to read “Hardware” with a slug of “hardware”. Easy enough, right? Well, WordPress just told me “Category Not Updated” and left it at that.

After some good ol’ Google searching, I found that there seem to be numerous reasons why people think they might be getting the error. The reason I couldn’t update my category, in particular, was because I had a tag with the same name and slug as what I was trying to update the category to. Meaning, I had a tag named “Hardware” with a slug of “hardware”.

I deleted that tag and then I was able to change my category name to “Hardware” with a slug of “hardware”. Dumb. But it worked. I would think WordPress would cook up a solution to this bug soon as there is a lot of buzz out there about this issue.

Hopefully this helps somebody.