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Seth Godin on Data vs Software

Seth Godin makes a great a great point in his post about Data vs Software, claiming that we’re finally on the cusp of seeing web-aware software and applications that live on the web.

I’d love to see that. It’s gonna happen sooner or later. Now is as good of a time as ever. I would love to have applications that reference the vast amounts of data available on the web to make use of the application much easier.

Just think of all the times you’ve been using an application and you’ve had to hop onto the web to download and manually retrieve information or add-ons to the app. Most apps could benefit from a little bit of data retrieval from the web, making use of the app easier. has a great related article about the convergence of web software and desktop software, touching on the topic of Rich Internet Applications. Good stuff.

Back to Seth’s post, if you’re looking for a good source for seeing what’s available for Firefox add-ons, he’s got a great link in that post as well. Check it out.

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