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Smart computer use? Maybe, maybe not.

Google now lets you search local and get a map of results

Found this one on Mashable today:

We’re in luck, because Google just finished their worldwide rollout of local search results on a map. So now all you have to do is search for what you want — coffee, gym, food, flowers, or dentist, for example — and Google will guess your location and display local business results for your search term on a map.

The first thing that came to mind was – wow, Google is now making navigating real life as easy as navigating through a video game world using an interactive map. That’s the gamer in me.

The reality is that this is just plain sweet. This is just another example of Googles continued addition of seemingly small things to their applications that make them a whole lot more usable for us end users.

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  1. Oh ya ! Great info and info is too true because Google is a great software so here is no doubt. I am with you .Thank you dear

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