smart computer use?


Smart computer use? Maybe, maybe not.

Computer Updating Madness

This might just be my overreacting, but I think the thought is valid.

It seems that at certain times I am just a slave to my computer software needing to update itself. Between using 3 different computers on a somewhat daily basis there is sometimes more time spent getting distracted by prompts for updates. And when stuff prompts me to update it, it’s always at an inconvenient time as far as my computer use goes.

Windows XP pretty much is always prompting for some sort of update. I get prompted by the Java runtime engine to update frequently. WordPress screams to be updated from right underneath the main options menu, but not very frequently. Firefox releases an update. Thunderbird prompts to download latest update.

AVG anti-virus at least updates itself. Sometimes it throws a prompt up that actually sits and tells me it’s gonna count down from 30 before it gets out of my way. Why not 5 seconds? That’d be much more reasonable.

And then I move onto the next machine and pretty much go through all the similar update motions at other random intervals.

There’s all of that bothersome stuff.

And then Propellerheads goes and releases version 4 of Reason. So I actually go through the entire process of ordering, paying for, and receiving in the mail a Reason 4 upgrade.

It’s probably going to be worth my time to actually pay attention to this matter and disable a bunch of the auto update processes. Life will once again resume without updating madness.

Switching from AVG antivirus to AntiVir antivirus

So I switched over to AntiVir from AVG.

Please note that I’m talking about the personal editions I use at home. Good stuff. Good to know that anti-virus software doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. Or I guess I could switch to Mac, since Mac apparently has no virus appeal. But the time are changing, Mac is becoming a virus target.

I think it’ll be a good move. I’ve read lots of mixed reviews about all the various top-recommended anti-virus software out there. It’s hard to pick a good one. I’ve never felt like paying money for McAffee or Norton, since there’s some good freebies for personal use.

A recent trip to a local computer tech revealed some scoffing towards AVG free. I was a bit surprised. I figure I have nothing to lose trying something else out. I guess I’ve never really had any bad luck with any type of anti-virus, free or paid. I decided to give AntiVir a run. Looks like it’s made by Germans.

The only differences I can see so far:

  • AntiVir has a nice little umbrella icon instead of a multi-colored four shape icon.
  • AntiVir is downloading updates from the AntiVir site at about 40k per second, AVG downloaded at about 170k per second or better depending on how my lousy cable connection is faring for the day.

Hopefully I’m not searching out new virus protection soon. I’d like to stick with AntiVir just cause I don’t feel like installing another anti-virus application on this machine.