smart computer use?


Smart computer use? Maybe, maybe not.

My Blackberry is just as important as my PC

I’ve been thinking about how the usage by my phone relates so much with my usage of a computer. I’ve been finding that my Blackberry is just as important to my daily computer usage as my computer itself.

Here’s the simple reason why:

My Blackberry has been put in the position that is it is notifying me of “things” that I will need to do. In turn, those “things” are then requiring my use of a PC to attend to them.

So, I don’t need to spend a ton of time near a PC when waiting to see what needs to be done next. I’ll be notified through my Blackberry, either by email, text, phone call, calendar item and so on. Then I take action and hop on a computer and take care of business.

I like this system because I don’t have to sit in front of a PC as much to take care of daily business. I kinda like that.

I didn’t even really think of how slick of a system that has become, now that I think of it I’m going to have to start pushing more things through that notification and action system.

How one person came to buy a PC instead of a Mac

There are tons of PC vs Mac debates out there. Here’s a story about how one person choose a PC over a Mac, and some very detailed criteria and reasoning in why the decision was made.

News Commentary. Microsoft’s “Laptop Hunters” commercials have generated lots of Mac vs. Windows PC debate. Surely there can’t be enough, so I’d like to generate even more. Quite unexpectedly, I’m a PC.

Sounds like a tired arguement that is frequently laced by silly argumentative rivalry, not too different from a classic Ford vs Chevy debate, eh? Well, here’s a little more to help ease your doubts on the seriousness of this person’s arguement.

Before writing one more word, I want to preface about operating systems. I’m not a religious computer user, meaning Mac OS and Windows are just tools to me. I don’t religiously defend either platform. I’m neither Mac fanatic or Windows fanboy. I always use both operating systems, but still must choose one over the other as primary. I’ve flopped between platforms for more than a decade.

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Me? I’m a PC user, but mainly because I like to tinker with hardware configurations. I’m not a staunch defender of either platform though, so good luck trying to get me all riled up on either side of the subject.

Wal-Mart Sold Out a $200 PC

I bet you wish you knew about it. Actually it’s not much to get worked up about, but it’s a good sign of the times.

About two weeks ago, Wal-Mart began selling $200 Linux-based PC. The initial run was around 10,000 units. Now Wal-Mart is sold out. Has Linux now found a niche?

Wal-Mart’s $200 PC – sold outThe system sold by Wal-Mart was an Everex’s TC2502 gPC and is the first mass-market $200 desktop PC. The spec of the system is very low – 1.5 GHz VIA C7 CPU embedded onto a Mini-ITX motherboard, 512MB of RAM and an 80GB hard drive – but this doesn’t matter because the system does pretty much everything that your average PC users wants.

Has Windows outgrown the average user?

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Build an External Hard Drive

You don’t need to buy an external hard drive. You might be able to build one for cheaper. You might be able to use existing hardware you have laying around to get off to a cheap start in building your own external hard drive.

It’s nearly 2008, and nearly all PCs are multimedia these days. Though not everyone’s PC harbors hundreds of downloaded movies, even the most workaholic business traveler has a few tunes for the road on his laptop. And if it’s not Hollywood movies and music taking up room on your system, then it’s personal photos and videos that are multiplying faster than bees around your picnic lunch. No longer constrained by the limitations of film, the average vacationer takes hundreds of snapshots or hours of video without thinking about where it will all be stored. Eventually, inevitably, you will run out of space and be faced with two options: Delete your precious memories and purchased content or upgrade your storage options. One quick and relatively easy way to get more room is to build an external hard drive. It is a great time to build one because hard drive memory is really cheap right now.

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There’s a Wearable Computer that Helps Blind Navigate

People will become more like cyborgs as computer technology increases in power. Computers keep getting smaller. Computers keep getting more powerful. All other electronic devices also are following the same patterns. Devices get smaller, and they become more portable and powerful.

With these increases in power and decreases in size, devices are becoming easier to wear, attach to your body, or even have implanted in your body.

We are starting to see this in applications such as:

New Wearable Computer Helps Blind Navigate

This is a refreshing, smart use of computer technology. These are the types of applications of computers that will pave the way for more powerful uses of computers. Uses of computers beyond the traditional Desktop/Laptop PC’s, phones and iPods.