smart computer use?


Smart computer use? Maybe, maybe not.

Blame Twitter for the Down Economy?

Haha, yeah right.

That’s my thoughts anyways.

I’m not sure if this is a comedic article, similar to something The Onion would put out. If it is it’s pretty crafty. I’m not sure though.

Here’s a good quote from the article about the study on Twitter having a negative effect on the economy:

A new study suggests that Twitter is the root cause of the current economic malaise. Policy experts predict a Twitter moratorium may be declared for Summer 2009 as part of an effort to stimulate economic production and reverse GDP declines.

Professor Martin Schmeldon of Harvard Business School recently released research findings that suggest excessive Twitter use may have caused the current economic downturn.

If by “finding” they mean “concidental bar graph correllation” I might jump on board.

WordPress to Twitter!

Yeah! I’m just testing this out.

Well, it appears to work. I’ve just installed the WP to Twitter plugin and have posted this blog post automatically to Twitter. Great stuff!

This wasn’t the first one I tried. I also tried the Twitter Updater plugin, but it didn’t want to work and I couldn’t get any posts to go to Twitter. Oh well. Not sure what was wrong with it, but who knows.

Good to go! I can definitely recommend the WP to Twitter plugin, based on my own experience. It looks like it has a lot of options and worked on my first try. It uses the url shortening service as well. You’ll need to get an API key to make it work but it’s free to sign up for an account. It only took me about 2 minutes to make an account at and then get an API key.

TwitterBerry – Does What It’s Supposed To Do

I guess you could say that TwitterBerry is probably the simplest app I have on my Blackberry. It’s super simple. I open it, it asks me what I’m doing, I type and send, then I close. It’s simple. In that way, it mimicks it’s web counterpart. The Twitter web site is probably the simplest web site that most Twitter users use on a daily basis. That’s a good thing.

What I really like about TwitterBerry is that I don’t need to use SMS to tweet from my Blackberry. Instead, TwitterBerry works over the data network. That way, all the Twitter stuff on your phone is kept in it’s own app and doesn’t overrun your SMS activites. That was one of the first things I noticed when I started using SMS to tweet. I was using the SMS a lot and my text message communications were being invaded by Twitter related stuff. It was fine I guess but kinda annoying. No longer.

If you use Twitter and you have a Blackberry, I consider TwitterBerry indispensible.

Twitter Madness

So, everybody is using Twitter all of the sudden. I like it I guess. It’s fun to see the free-flow of info roll through that site. It’s hard to say whether it’s got long term staying power, but it’ll be fun to see what happens. If people are using it, it worth using!

I read about Google sounding out of touch about Twitter:

Last week, Google CEO Eric Schmidt commented on everything from the economy (which he called “pretty dire”) to Android’s jump from phones to other devices. In other words, stuff you’d probably expect. What came as a surprise was the curveball he threw at everyone’s favorite micro-blogging website, Twitter.

“Speaking as a computer scientist, I view all of these as sort of poor man’s email systems,” Schmidt said. “In other words, they have aspects of an email system, but they don’t have a full offering. To me, the question about companies like Twitter is: Do they fundamentally evolve as sort of a note phenomenon, or do they fundamentally evolve to have storage, revocation, identity, and all the other aspects that traditional email systems have? Or do email systems themselves broaden what they do to take on some of that characteristic?” He then went on to call Twitter’s success “wonderful,” but it all sounded a little backhanded.

Yeah, he has a point that I can agree with. It does seem like it might just be a phenomenon. It’s hard for many things these days to have more staying power than email though.

I like it. I’m relatively new to Twitter, but it’s fun. I actually really do like how it’s relatively easy to gets tons of info and links of stuff you are interested in if you follow the right people, that is probably my favorite aspect.